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Are you in an imminent conflict or facing dismissal?

Together with Surplus you stand strong

Surplus helps professionals at management and board level when they face an employment conflict or are in danger of being fired.

Thanks to expertise, common sense and good consultation, we get the best out of the situation without unnecessary legalization or risk of escalation.

We work according to a no cure, no pay principle. This is how Surplus distinguishes itself from the legal approach.

The right perspective

We assist you with years of experience in HR, union and management work which means we know exactly how employers think and act. The right perspective strengthens our position at the table.

The Surplus method

The Surplus method stands for personal cooperation, we ask you to actively participate in the solution. Our goal: an excellent solution with perspective for the future.

Legal assistance

We are specialists in job placement and work in close cooperation with the leading law firm Labré lawyers.

Our goal

Making the best of a difficult situation together and come out better in the end

Why Surplus

Questions that concern you upon dismissal

Intuition does not deceive. In all honesty, how often do you dwell on the possibilities of a forced goodbye? At first, you notice it in the little things: No more minutes end up on your desk. You are no longer involved in confidential decisions. Contacts become more awkward and formal. And, suddenly you appear to be on the “transfer list.”
Are you facing (imminent) dismissal and you are not sure what your options are? Do you need a personal conversation with one of our specialized advisors about your situation? You can also contact us by phone at tel: 0297-310101. Read more about help and advice

you need to be alert to signals that stand in the way of healthy cooperation. Conflicts arise without you noticing and they are also “subtle.” To clarify, here are some real-life examples:

  • information flow dries up
  •  reminders and reproaches
  • written instead of oral communication
  • Exclusion from consultation situations


Read more about the roadmap

Your own advocate is “de facto” your negotiator. After all, there is a one-sided assignment basis. Your advocate for whom dismissal and the labor dispute are daily business, has all the knowledge and experience you need right now. Read more about advocacy

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Precisely out of a crisis something beautiful can emerge

“Together we worked on a winning strategy and tactics. The end result exceeded my expectations! What great personal advocacy I experienced.”

Our people

Working with passion
Ronald Urlus

Ronald Urlus

Director owner, MfN Registered Mediator, advocate

John de Rooy

John de Rooy

Partner Surplus, MfN Registered Mediator & advocate

Egbert Veen

Governance and monitoring
Teunie Bos

Teunie Bos

Office Manager