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Career coaching

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There are many terms that are often used freely and interchangeably when it comes to supporting and assisting people in their career development. Many of these terms (largely) overlap each other to the point that it all becomes rather confusing.

Your career

It is almost impossible to entirely plan a career, life, circumstances and society are constantly changing and also influence your career development.Events or circumstances in your personal life or at work can give yo8ur life and career a completely different twist.

Planning, working hard, doing what is expected of you, it does not always bring you where you want to be. And even those who made a clear career choice from childhood on, can arrive at a point in life where they ask themselves: Ís this all there is? Or what were again my ideals when I started my studies?

And what do you do when your employer tells you that your job will become redundant? Or if your new manager for some reason does not like you and you find yourself caught up in a rather nasty termination situation? How do you turn around and face your professional career again with confidence?

There are many work-related situations in which someone needs help, support and advice and starts to look for the right kind of service.

But what is the best choice for you?

HR Impact! does not attempt to define all the terms that are known in any definitive way, but perhaps a small explanation may be in place;

Outplacement is a program, usually funded by the employer, where employees are advised and assisted in finding other suitable employment or future destination. An outplacement program can start before the employment with the (ex) employer it terminated.

Career coaching (or career counseling, career advice, career accelerator, career management) is a form of coaching which supports and advices you on your personal career development.

Coaching is a specific form of guidance, which teaches the client to solve his or her own (work related) problems. A coach teaches the client to learn, for example, new skills, a different (more effective) behavior, etc. In addition to career coaching there are many other forms, such as personal coaching, team coaching, coaching as management style, life coaching, business coaching, mental coaching, etc.

Reintegration programs focus on ‘returning to work’. This can be from a situation of unemployment, illness or handicap or for instance a re-entrant.

Reintegration track 2

When an employee becomes ill, the so-called Wet Verbetering Poortwachter (‘Gatekeeper Improvement Act”) requires the employer (and the employee) to do their utmost to ensure that the employee resumes his/her original function or, if the employer has no suitable work available, to enable reintegration with another organization. Reintegration with another employer is called ‘Reintegration track 2’.

IRO program

IRO stands for “Individuele Re-integratie Overeenkomst” (Individual Reintegration Agreement). This is a program which the UWV offers people in a benefits-scheme (WW, WAO, WAJONG, ZW).

Counseling is a low-threshold form of (emotional) help and care. Literally translate it means giving counsel and advice. Counseling helps people with problems, finding answers, exploiting untapped potential and developing skills. Counseling is result-oriented and pragmatic in nature whereby the client formulates his own goals and takes positive action to achieve these goals.

Job-hunting A job-hunter actively looks for jobs for their clients. They approach employers, recruitment agencies, temp agencies etc. and also use their network in order to offer their clients concrete jobs.

Job application training aims to optimize your job interview skills and application tools. Things covered are your CV, cover letter, profile and elevator pitch but also to research the job market, selecting the most suitable vacancies and of course also your personal presentation at interviews, salary negotiations etc.


There is often confusion about what therapy actually is, especially since there are so many forms of therapy.

In any case it is about expressing thoughts, feelings and behaviors. Cognitive therapies start with thoughts and feelings and find ways to change behavior. Psychodynamic therapies focus on the feelings and see where these feelings come from with the expectation that thoughts and behavior will change. Usually all three elements are used in most forms of therapy.

What does HR Impact! offer you ?

Exclusively for our clients for whom we have acted as mediator or advisor/representative , we offer career coaching and/or outplacement programs.

Career coaching is a form of coaching in which your life, with emphasis on your current work situation and career to date, is made visible. This involves questions like ‘Who am I’, ‘Where am I’, ‘How did I get here’, ‘Where do I want to go to’ and ‘How will I know I have achieved my goal’, which will be examined in-depth. Career coaching does not have to mean a change of workplace.

Outplacement counseling is a form of counseling for employees who, for whatever reason, have to find other suitable employment or future destination. This situation is often emotional because terminations are usually handled inelegant, despite the often sincere efforts of the employer to do so. The loss of your job often also means loss of your social network and familiar surroundings but moreover of your self-esteem, insecurity about your future, tensions at home; you are going through a range of emotions typical of loss. This process takes time and it not advisable to apply for jobs as soon as possible, because you are still working on dealing with your loss.

In any case, you as a person and as an employee are the focus of HR Impact!

The intensive coaching and training programs are aimed at enhancing your awareness of your skills, talents and abilities, but also to identify your blind spots, limiting characteristics and behavior. This will result in an increase in your personal development and effectiveness. Participating in our programs requires a high degree of self-work whereby you will ask yourself the right questions and you yourself determine the appropriate solutions, supported by one of our coaches.
A trust relationship and a ‘click’ between you are your coach are essential for optimal results. HR Impact! therefore always proposes an initial interview (free of charge).

What our programs are not

Career coaching and outplacement counseling at HR Impact! does not mean we search for a job for you or ‘solving your problems’ as soon as possible. It is also not a standard program, but completely tailored to your needs.


When do you choose career coaching? The reasons for choosing for professional career coaching can vary. It is often a combination of the following sample questions. How can I:

  • develop my competencies and optimally and apply them in my career development?
  • achieve to be more relaxed in my work?
  • improve my performance?
  • ensure that I will get that promotion next time?
  • create a balance between work and life?
  • regain my passion for my profession?


What is the purpose of career coaching? The purpose of a career coaching program is also often a combination of several of your requirements such as:

  • A new position
  • Understanding and strengthening your skills and talents
  • Understanding your pitfalls and obstructive behavior and learning how to deal with these more effectively
  • Knowing how you can optimize your chances for promotion
  • (Re) discovering your passion
  • Gaining better control over stressors


When do you choose outplacement counseling? When you, whether or not resulting from a (threat of) termination, are in need of professional support in making a new career choice and/or searching for a new job. If is often a combination of the following sample questions:

  • How to present myself on the job market?
  • How can I improve my job interview skills?
  • Where do I find suitable job vacancies for me?
  • How do I answer the ‘Why did you leave your former employer’ question?
  • How can I best prepare for a job interview?


What is the purpose of outplacement counseling? The purpose of an outplacement counseling program is also often a combination of several of your requirements such as:

  • Working through the loss of your current job
  • Finding a new job that suits you
  • Understanding and strengthening your skills and talents
  • Understanding your pitfalls and obstructive behavior and learning how to deal with these more effectively


What are HR Impact! career coaching and outplacement counseling programs? Depending on your profession, your level and your position on the labor market, we will create a program completely tailored to your needs.

HR Impact! programs are always a combination of Personal and Practical and Professional:

Personal – self analysis, competency assessment, working on uncertainties, improvement points, enhancing personal effectiveness, making choices and finding new perspective. In this phase we will make use of various psychometric testing tools as necessary.

Practical – your presentation and communication skills, analysis of your current job and promotion opportunities, optimizing your presentation on the labor market (CV, profile, cover letter, communication- and job interview training, dealing with difficult questions, labor market analysis and approach, building a personal network, use of social media etc.)

Professional – all our coaches have a long career in the field of Human Resources and are highly experienced in recruitment and selection, management- leadership and organizational development and personal development planning.

HR Impact! career coaching and outplacement counseling programs – Method:

Our chosen method is a program build in phases, whereby some aspects can of course be tackled in parallel.

Family members may play a role in the process. Throughout the programs, your interests as our client will be guarded by the code of the ‘Nederlands Instituut voor Psychologen (het NIP)’(Dutch Institute of Psychologists) as well as the Orde van Outplacementadviseurs (de NOLOC)’’ (Association of Outplacement Consultants).

Phase 1. Intake, assess current situation, conduct self-analysis

  • intake and self-analysis
  • establish and implement a weekly program


To arrive at a clear exploration of your current situation, insight into your goals is necessary. The goals you have in mind, making the right choices for your career, testing the feasibility of your career plans and implementing your choices. In carrying out the self-analysis your biography, work motivation and an overview of your qualities and achievements must be explained. Furthermore we will inventory your values, norms and interests.

Phase 2. Assessment

An assessment will be made of skills, personality, career choices and suitability for positions, despite the previously indicated characteristics of level and background. In this phase we will make use of various psychometric testing tools as necessary. This assessment also forms the basis for the development program where once again you will be faced with your level, competencies, abilities and potential.

Phase 3. Coaching program

The integrated development and application of your own presentation and communication skills, both verbal and non-verbal, are all extensively discussed, with the aim to enhance your effectiveness and presentation, both in your current job as well as on the job market.

Phase 4. Structuring goals

  • What direction do you want to go
  • What are your career wishes
  • What action should be taken
  • How should this action proceed

Choosing a new industry, business, or function depends on the direction someone wants to go. At this stage the main goal is to explore fascinations and desires, to make action plans as well as preliminary decisions.

Phase 5. Labor market orientation and active coaching

  • Collecting information
  • Examining own network and possibly establishing new networks
  • First new contacts


In this phase three aspects are addressed. Gathering information on the labor market, employment market, business market and possible entrepreneurship. Building networks and choosing how to present oneself on the labor market. Establishing, developing and using a network is a skill that can be learned. Provided executed consciously and efficiently, the development of a good network can be crucial in shaping a future career.

More than 70% of especially the higher educated find a new career step through networking. Using a network can also bring with it disappointment and support in this phase is therefore essential.

Phase 6. Labor market presentation

Job applications (creating a CV, profile, job criteria, offer letters, interview training- possibly with video feedback)
Accepting new jobs (Salary) negotiations on new appointments

Where necessary the client learns how to approach the labor market and which vacancies are relevant. The presentation can be improved by video training if deemed necessary. It is essential that you present yourself strong and vibrant on the labor market. HR-Impact! will actively coach and support your applications in this phase.

Phase 7. Aftercare

The client will be coached and supported in decreasing intensity over a period of one year after the appointment.

What is the cost of a career coaching or outplacement counseling program?
The cost of our programs depends on the length of the program and the use of various (psychometric) instruments. A rule of thumb is 20% of the (gross) annual income.

Who pays for a career coaching or outplacement counseling program?
The cost of career coaching or outplacement counseling programs are often paid for by an employer or service organization but of course you can also pay for the programs yourself.

How long do career coaching or outplacement counseling programs take?
Because your circumstances are unique the duration of our programs vary for each client. Available time, budget and employment opportunities affect the duration. In general our programs have a scale of 6-9 to 12 months.

Is a career coaching or outplacement counseling programs useful if you are 50+ years old?
Career coaching is not age related. Even if you are a little further in your life and career, it is wise to reflect on what matters to you in your career, work and life and what choices you can make.

Outplacement counseling is, especially for older workers, almost always part of a redundancy scheme in (forced) termination, precisely because professional assistance in finding another job is much needed.

Higher educated workers will often find that they have had a mono-cultural career and have little experience with optimally presenting themselves to recruiters. Furthermore, especially jobs at this level are few and far between and you are not the only one looking!

Approximately 1/3 of the Dutch professional population is 50+ and although our government expects us to continue working longer and longer, the retirement of Baby-boom generation has now started and that despite the economic downturn there is still an acute shortage of qualified personnel, employers are still reluctant to give ‘older employees’ a new chance.
All good reasons to turn to professional help in finding a new professional future!

How to choose a career coaching and outplacement counseling agency?
Providers in this field come in all shapes and sizes. If your employer makes use of an affiliated agency, you are often required to follow a program at this agency. The advantage of this is that the agency knows your employer well and often knows what’s going on. The disadvantage may be that you do not have a ‘click’ with the agency and are still bound to use them. Moreover it can be quite threatening to use an agency like this when you are in a conflict situation with your employer.

In any case it is important that there is a ‘click’ between you and your potential coach and the agency’s method should appeal to you. Working with a coach is the most effective when based on trust. HR Impact! will therefore always propose a free introduction consultation.