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We endeavour to ensure that you experience our efforts as the optimal solution to your problem by achieving workable solutions in an honest manner.

SURPLUS® was established in 1992 as a Human Resources Management consultancy. Surplus is specialized in working relationships, broken down into unilateral representation, mediation and legal proceedings. Both representation and mediation are very successful, the main difference being the unilateral (representation) or bilateral (mediation) client relationship. Even the most annoying problems or problems without prospects can be resolved in practice.

The company philosophy is that every dispute or dismissal problem is negotiable, providing that the parties are willing. The cases negotiated by SURPLUS are characterized by speedy settlement and better results particularly because of anticipation, prevention and control of disputes thanks to the advice, counselling and control by SURPLUS.

In the 20 years since its establishment, SURPLUS has obtained extensive experience in almost any type of organization and any kind of working relationship.

In addition, SURPLUS supports expatriates and is regularly employed by both employees and employers in collective dismissal procedures. In 2011 our organization has 5 professionals.

Mediations by Surplus are carried out according to the standard rules and procedures of the Netherlands Instute for Mediation (NMI). All mediators of Surplus are registered with this Intsitution.