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Your Situation

Intuition does not deceive. In all honesty, how often have you thought of the possibility of being made redundant ? To start off with you notice the small things: you no longer receive the minutes of meetings. You are no longer involved in making confidential decisions. Contacts become more reserved and more formal. And then, suddenly, you are on the ‘transfer’ list.

A labour dispute or a dismissal is like a pan that is suddenly boiling over. It is often a slumbering situation that has been lingering below the surface for a while. But it is almost always an ‘attack’.

» Howcome?

One is usually not aware of the fact that the ‘playing field’ has suddenly changed and totally new rules apply. A dangerous game in which much is at stake and many things can go wrong.

» How can I get a grip on my situation?

The subdistrict court formula is not a right but a directive! The dismissal law does not give a direct answer. Taking responsibility and acting sensibly do.

» What position should I take on?


Wat u concreet wel of niet moet doen wanneer u in een arbeidsconflict of ontslagsituatie geraakt, leest u in het stappenplan.